FEATURE: Taisha Rucker

I became vegetarian in 2006 for spiritual reasons. It was an easy transition for me because I've always been a picky eater so I actually eat a lot more interesting meals now that I'm vegan. Also my cousin Martha who, at that time, had been vegetarian for over 20+ years, had just been inspired to write her first cookbook so I got the benefit of her genius to kick things off so I wasn't relegated to salads and bland tofu.

More recently, my research into the soul of humanity and our evolution led me to understand that the true reason for a plant based diet is the fact that consuming plants purifies us, making it possible for us to vibrate at higher energetic frequencies. 

Why we start something is not often why we stick with something so I'm down for people becoming vegan whatever the reason. Ultimately consuming a plant based diet helps us reach our highest potential and realize our individual and collective purpose, which gets me hyped!