Christopher D. Sims: Loving My Vegan Self

Christopher D. Sims is a poet, spoken word performer, and human rights activist. Christopher is also known as UniverSouLove. He has been vegan for eight years now. Check out his previous feature on Black Vegans Rock. Here is a poem that he wrote:

Loving My Vegan Self

I am loving my conscious,
collected, calm, cool
vegan self.

I am in touch and in tune
with all what I am and have

A child of the sun, I am clean:
living a green lifestyle in more
ways than one.

The vegan lifestyle transformed
my way of thinking. I love eating
wholesome, fresh foods.

I am defeating the norms
by eating what I believe is
most necessary. The foods
I am eating are not Franken foods,
full of pesticides, or scary.

I am a soulful vegan on this
planet. I am not taking the

Earth or animals for granted.
I am living a lifestyle that is
spiritual and organic.

I am in love with all of the
sacred ingredients, plants, herbs
I indulge in. The healthiest crops
Earth has to offer are my best friends.

I am seeking a consciousness that
is respectful of my position in our
ecosystem. Between the birds, the bees,
the trees and I, there is no division.

I’ve learned that good health is wealth.

So I must love and take care of my vegan self.


© Christopher D. Sims
Edited on October 29th, 2015

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