FEATURE: Ariel Calhoun


I chose veganism for a variety of reasons. One being love, enlightenment, and mastery. I believe love cannot be categorized. Frugivores and vegans are your lovers. That's the missing ingredient to life and society. Things should always be done with love.

The Standard American Diet left me docile, with no creativity - almost as if I were sleepwalking through life. I would pass out immediately after large meals and I had no idea this was all attributed to my diet. I found videos on Dr.Sebi and started my path to veganism and understanding how much food plays a major role in our lives. I feel more inclined to be the trial and error person so I can influence others to make the changes as well. Respect should be given to all living things on this planet no matter how minute.

I believe in having the ultimate control over our bodies. Once you can control what you eat and drink you are on your way to mastering yourself. That's something that truly fascinates me. I believe we all have the innate ability to take this world, our world, your world, to the next level. I believe the foods we consume elevate us or deplete us. I believe natural fruits and vegetables should be the only staple in life to obtain or revitalize our healthy bodies. I've experienced countless relatives and friends who have had high cholesterol and diabetes from unhealthy eating habits. If I can influence others to try it for at least a month, I know something can be proven during that time. Veganism is the future.

Training page: Lifeofversatility

Vegan cooking page: Veggin_out_

Website: Vivaveganplan.com



Kenna is 19 years old and she has been vegan her entire life. She has a vegan YouTube channel called Kenna Rose. She is Cape Verdean. She runs a blog called Teen Vegan where she posts vegan recipes.

Since being vegan is so natural to me, sometimes I forgot there’s another way to be. I asked my dad why are we vegan and he said ‘’Why wouldn’t we be vegan?’’ For me and my family, eating animal products doesn’t make sense when there are so many options now. Food has always brought my family together. My mom and dad are very creative and we have something new every week. Recently, we made chick’n fajitas with vegan chick’n. It’s amazing how many vegan products there are now.

Being vegan connects to anti-racism for me. Historically, my people have generally had unhealthy diets, mostly because of food deserts and big corporations marketing unhealthy foods to us. In 2019, I’m hoping that more and more people have the resources to better their diets, I’m seeing change and I hope it continues.

People are realizing their food comes from animal cruelty and don’t want to contribute to that anymore. Ive recently posted a short blog post about my black vegan experience, which you can check out here .

I have a vegan Instagram called @themessyveganteen for recipes and food ideas.

My other Instagram is @kennaxrosa, I also post recipes and blogs on there!

FEATURE: Christopher Eubanks

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I became vegan for a variety of reasons, but the heart of why I became vegan was because I no longer wanted to contribute to the suffering of innocent beings and I wanted my diet to have a positive impact on the environment. Before becoming vegan, I never fully grasped how my diet and actions contributed to suffering until I began to learn why and how animals are turned into food. Once I became educated about how consuming animals negatively impacts the environment, I no longer wanted to consume a diet that was harmful to the earth, harmful to innocent beings, and harmful to my spirit. When I realized I could have the same delicious foods I have always enjoyed but without any animal suffering, I not only changed my diet, I also adopted a vegan lifestyle. Not supporting animal cruelty doesn’t just stop with my diet, it extends into my way of life as I aspire to live a vegan lifestyle that aims to eliminate all forms of animal suffering which has inspired me to become a vegan activist. Whether attending animal vigils, giving animal rights lectures at universities, or creating content for my vegan YouTube channel I plan to always use my talents and skills to promote the message of veganism. We must remember that we are all animals and for us to end all forms of oppression and inequality we need to extend our circle of compassion to include all animals, both human and non-human and that is why I am vegan. 

Website: www.SoulEubanks.com
Instagram: soul_eubanks
Twitter: @soul_eubanks

FEATURE: Annika Lundkvist

When I became vegan in 2014 I felt like my glass was very full. I was all in immediately, incredibly thirsty for knowledge, and quickly aware of great resources all around me. I was, however, admittedly almost singularly focused on issues of consumption. I was not really aware of issues related to representation until later. Awareness about consumption issues is an absolute foundation layer for me as a vegan- getting familiarized with the issues driving this movement including the major motivators of animal rights, sustainability and environmental health, as well as human health. But getting into issues of representation became a finer, still essential, point to me, particularly as both a minority and a producer of visual content myself. I became aware of who I was depicting in my work and being more conscious of representing that diversity that frankly I've been seeking to cultivate as a hallmark of my overall photographic style that represents me best as well.

I look forward to more conversations on these themes, both personally and professionally. Veganism is a way of life for me and definitely informs the work I do.

Make sure to check out my website where you can find my work: http://veganforallseasons.com/.

Annika has recently released an interview series about vegan pregnancy, parenthood, and childhood. Check out her interview series HERE

FEATURE: Ebony McCormick


My name is Ebony McCormick. I am from the sunshine state, Jacksonville, Fl and I am the owner of the Healthy Dining App. I entered into a healthier lifestyle in 2017, after participating in a seven day vegan challenge. In those seven days I saw a change in my energy, as well as consciousness. Needless to say I found myself becoming more aware of certain things. Although I was enjoying my new diet some of the obstacles I faced were finding local vegan/vegetarian restaurants and individuals with similar dining preferences. Thats when I had my AH-HA moment; HEALTHY DINING! I thought that it would be extremely beneficial to humanity if there was an app that could locate healthier dining options in your area as well as provide a platform where individuals with similar dining preferences could communicate. 

     Healthy Dining is a mobile app that allows individuals who are vegan, vegetarian (or individuals who are interested in embarking a healthier lifestyle) connect for dining and networking purposes. Healthy Dining provides a convenient and natural way for users to find other users with similar dining preferences. This app allows users to search for local vegan/vegetarian restaurants as well as share recipes, provide support, find a match, and even schedule a date right from the app. Healthy Dining is designed around the idea that no vegan needs to dine alone. Whether you want to find a local spot or dine with a fellow vegan, THIS APP IS FOR YOU! Just search “Healthy Dining” in your App Store to download TODAY:)

     I love the fact that your page promotes health and wellness as well as visionaries and entrepreneurs united. Positivity, motivation, and educating is what drives me.

www.healthydiningapp.com | website

@healthydiningapp | social media

healthydiningapp@gmail.com | email

FEATURE: Naomi Israel

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Diverse Vegan (est. 2018, Morocco), is a global online community platform that welcomes all of those who seek an unbiased approach towards understanding veganism while sharing ideas and building a community.

As an American woman born in the city of Chicago; Diverse Vegan was created by Naomi Israel, a Chicago native. The idea behind Diverse Vegan is to engage with everyone from all backgrounds, races, various personal identities and eating lifestyle preferences.

Diverse Vegan is aspiring to become a community that is as diverse as the adjective entails. They aim to focus on providing resources for topics relating to health and fitness, wellness, nutrition, travel, mindfulness, mental and spiritual health, and more!


Diverse Vegan is not interested in converting anyone to the veganism lifestyle. In fact, they would love for community members to say, "I am a Diverse Vegan, not because of what I'm eating, but because of the resources offered that have changed my viewpoints on the way I see my life and the decisions I make for not only my health, but for the planet.”

So, whether you're vegan, a part-time vegan, vegetarian, curious about the vegan lifestyle or simply searching for healthier alternatives for your overall wellbeing, Diverse Vegan has you covered.

They encourage everyone to not only follow and support, but to actively be engaged.

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FEATURE: Kimberly B.

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With all the information out there about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, why wouldn’t I go vegan?

It’s a well known fact that African Americans experience the highest rates of preventable, diet-related chronic illnesses in the U.S. So as a Black woman, I knew I couldn’t keep doing that same things and expecting to not be in that number. Figuring out how to nourish my body in a way that brought to it healing was paramount.

Hypertension and diabetes are all too common in my household. So something had to give.

I set my intention December 2016 to be plant-based at some point in the near future. But honestly, I didn’t take major action toward that end until late the following year.

Something happened while I was preparing a hen for dinner one evening, and I would never be the same. While I was seasoning the bird, seeing the arms, the neck and the legs in front of me...I swelled up with emotion. For the first time I felt as if I was responsible. I felt as if I’d killed this bird with my own hands.

I tried for a few weeks thereafter to cut meat out. But soon, my overall mindset changed. I was no longer accepting that consuming animals on a daily basis was the norm. I mean, think about it, how can we expect to eat dead things and continue to have a living and thriving body? It just didn’t make sense.


Since my transition, I’ve learned so much about the negative impact that meat production is having on our environment—that is, being the largest contributor to climate change. And frankly, it’s unacceptable. I know without a doubt that we all must be a part of this change if we want to keep living on this planet.

As a Black vegan, I’ve taken responsibility not only for fighting for the rights of animals, but for the protection and ethical treatment of all beings. And I invite my non-Black vegans to do the same. If all lives matter, then fight for all lives equally—even more so for those whose lives are taken frivolously and negatively impacted by systemic injustices. Fight for those whose voices and rights are suppressed.

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FEATURE: Sandra Maestas


Becoming plant-based has been the best decision I have made for myself and my health. Being plant-based has helped my health and my overall mindset tremendously. I have always suffered from bad acne, depression, and candida. Within two months of being vegan/plant-based, my face started to clear up. My attitude and self-esteem was the highest it had ever been. The candida never came back.

People ask me all the time, how can you be Haitian and be vegan? I tell them, health and a love for all beings has no race no ethnicity. I didn’t become vegan for anyone else other than myself. To be honest, it was a challenge considering I had people tell me I wouldn’t last - it was just a phase. However, I’m coming up on my third year of being vegan in February 2018 and I couldn’t be happier. I started my own business Cookin’Kiddos to show kids and their parents you can still enjoy all your favorites but in a more healthy and ethical way!

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