FEATURE: Michael Ofei

Michael Ofei is one half of the passionate couple behind The Minimalist Vegan, a popular global media platform that helps people find the balance between eating well and living mindfully. They post two posts a week on simplicity, minimalism, veganism as well as delicious plant-based recipes. Their work is constantly featured on large wellness websites, including Food Matters, Loving Earth and One Green Planet.

Michael's vegan journey began a few years ago when he watched the life-changing documentary called EARTHLINGS. The main premise of the film is that all beings are Earthlings and should therefore act compassionately towards each other. 

Prior to EARTHLINGS, Michael hadn't made the connection between what he put in his body and where it came from. Whilst he was raised in Australia, his heritage lies in West Africa and he has grown up accustomed to consuming animal products without considering the impact it had on others. But once he saw the truth, it was hard to un-see it. 

Michael is now dedicated to spreading the message of veganism in conjunction with minimalism. He sees a direct correlation between the two lifestyles as they collectively symbolise mindful living. Being mindful of how our decisions impact animals, our environment, our health and our wellbeing. 

If you're interested in connecting, you can find more of Michael and Masha's work over at The Minimalist Vegan and download a copy of their free cookbook.