FEATURE: The Theus Family

Our entire family follows a vegan diet, beginning with my husband Londale Sr. followed by me in 1985, and our children Kamaal (29 yrs) and Londale Jr. (28 yrs) since birth. On our website, VeggieSoulFood.com, and in our latest cookbook, The Vegan System, we have “cracked the code” and taken the mystery and confusion out of vegan living by providing tips and recipes that are not only healthy but also very hearty and reminiscent of my mother’s southern cooking and many popular mainstream dishes. Our approach can be considered “Veganism 101” because we use easy to find ingredients and products and “veganize” our favorite mainstream dishes.

We believe our family's story and approach fills a very significant niche in the market, especially for new vegans or those who have family, friends and loved ones that are a bit skeptical. I was one of those people myself. When I met Londale in 1985, the concept of compassionate eating and vegetarianism was completely foreign to me, but within a few weeks, I finally “got it”, and after a breakfast of pork chops on April 9th, 1985 I gave up meat, poultry, fish and eggs forever (and later dairy). We raised our children as such and I was completely vegetarian throughout both pregnancies. Our website and our books came out of the need for me to pass on our family recipes to my children when they were in college. Basically, Kamaal and I wrote the book I wish I had 30 years ago!

Over 30 years as vegetarian/vegan; we have written 3 cookbooks; most recent one is The Vegan System highlighting our favorite products, recipes, and the tips and tricks we use while traveling, in school, and at work

Kamaal and Londale Jr. have NEVER eaten meat, poultry, fish or eggs.

Londale Sr. and Londale Jr. were both athletes. Londale Sr. is a retired cop, and is now an actor, as is Londale Jr.


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