FEATURE: Stewart Mitchell


My name is Stewart Mitchell. I'm an advocate for human rights as well as animal rights. I'm also a book author. My vegan journey began in 2011. I was working in food and retail for a number of years when I started to question the business practices of food companies. I started to wonder how come there's always an over abundance of chickens and other animals for every supermarket and restaurant. Then I started to question the factory farming industry and realized how destructive it is to the environment, our health, and especially the animals! I started to see animals in a different light. I realized that ALL animals are sentient beings, not just cats and dogs...ALL animals!

We have no right to interfere with their existence and treat them as commodities for food, clothing or entertainment. I recently wrote a children's book called Kayla The Vegan. It's about a young girl who tries to transition into a new school being the only vegan and trying to deal with people who have a hard time understanding her choice not to exploit animals. I wrote it to teach kids the value of all species lives and that you can continue to eat great food and delicious snacks that do not involve harming animals. I think going vegan was one of the best things I could have done not for myself, but for the sake of animals, the planet and others.

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