FEATURE: Nicole Williams

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Hello fellow vegans, vegetarians, plant based people, and diabetics on Instagram!

I'm a mom, wife, and individual who suffers from many health conditions. Veganism Changed Me!

My vegan journey began in August of 2016, the last semester upon becoming a Certified Community Nutrition Specialist. I knew completing school was important, but health problems could affect it (I finished). It wasn't a hard decision to make because I knew something needed to change to lessen the stress and harm I was causing my body. I had enough of being sick all the time from diabetes, GI problems, high blood pressure, and other health conditions. By applying what I learned in school and research, I changed my diet to a vegan, plant-based low-carb diet, which would help alleviate many of the health conditions I was suffering from. My vegan journey has recently become healthier because I have started eating healthier nutritious foods, I've become a role model for my children and family, and I've gained purpose in life. 

For me, this has been an incredible journey because now I am able to share my personal story about veganism changing my life. By making a commitment to myself and my health, I have the control to change. I have some challenging days, but by going vegan, it has made a tremendous impact on my life. I can say, "It actually saved my life." Now I'm able to share with others that diabetes can be reversed or almost non-detectable, since that happened to me. My purpose today is to help others by encouraging, inspiring, and teaching others a new way to prepare, cook, and eat. I have now started my own health and wellness club called Veganladysoul Health and Wellness Club. 

My motto is: This world is too big to eat the same thing every day.

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