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Hi my name is Kesha and I've been vegan for six months. My doctor suggested that I become vegan four years ago. It was my second time having kidney stones and she told me that I may be able to prevent the stones if I change my diet. It took me four years to finally make a decision but I'm glad I did. My health has improved, my skin is clearer, my nails are growing and I also feel better emotionally and spiritually. I love trying out new foods that I never thought to eat before. I love cooking, baking and photography so I have been sharing my meals a lot on social media since I became vegan. 

I hope that I can encourage others to change to improve their physical, spiritual and emotional health. My goal is to grow my own food and to continue to inspire others the same way that the vegan community continues to inspire me. 

Social Media

Facebook: Natural Kesha

Instagram: naturalkesha