FEATURE: Christa Shelton

Christa Shelton is a plant based health coach, speaker and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  She began her transition into veganism back in 2001 when she began experimenting with eliminating meat products from her diet.  She made the full plunge to full veganism in 2006 and has happily never looked back!  After practicing the lifestyle for a few years, she decided to start a blog about her journey in 2010.  She has been writing and sharing about the vegan lifestyle ever since.  She has had the pleasure of sharing the benefits of plant based living on several different platforms including, Thrifty and Green , "Vegiquette"  the now defunct GoodVeg , Frugivore online magazine and I Eat Grass.  She has also had featured pieces or profiles on Spicy Wifey, Our Legaci, JL Goes Vegan, No Animals Harmed, Kwanzaa Culinarians, Brown Vegan, I Eat Grass and Vegan Mainstream

She is a proud member of the Speaker's Bureau and top health blogger for Wellsphere, a Vigilant Warrior Ambassador for Vigilant Eats, a writing contributor for Media Shower, a mentor for the Vegan Society , a 2013 Ambassador for Black Fitness Today and a 2012 member of the VegNews Street Team and a panelist at the 2011 Vida Vegan Con, the first annual vegan bloggers conference.  

In addition to writing and blogging about veganism, she pursues her passion for fitness through personal training and is also a former NPC fitness competitor.  You can keep up with Christa and learn more about her on her website at www.coachingwithchrista.com! You can follow her on twitter as well!