FEATURE: Zaynab Shahar

Salaam y'all! My name is Zaynab Shahar! I'm a queer black Muslim vegan based in Chicago, IL. I've been chronicling my vegan journey on my tumblr for the past four years. 

I love taking pictures of the recipes I play around with, the beauty products I come across that actually work for black skin care needs, and the black owned vegan beauty brands whose products I can't live without.

Sometimes I write about the need for the mainstream vegan movement to adopt a more decolonial, actively anti-racist, anti-capitalist, fat liberatory praxis. On my own personal tumblr, I've written about the need for white vegans to re-examine the use of quinoa as a part of an anti-racist food justice ethic that resists food gentrification, and my favorite recipe books by black vegan authors and chefs

In the future, I want to write more about dismantling fatphobia in pan-african and white-centric vegan spaces (such a common link!), the link between vegan capitalism and fatphobic rhetoric, the need for more vegans for black lives matter, socially engaged spirituality and vegan praxis, and my adventures traveling internationally in Europe while being a black vegan. 

Best and blessings.