FEATURE: Lional and Tiffany Dalton

My name is Lional Dalton and my wife's name is Tiffany. We have been vegans now for over five years. I am a former defense tackle in the NFL. I wish I knew about this lifestyle when I played because I would have had a lot more energy and probably would have been a better player. I used to play with Hall of Famer tight end Tony Gonzalez who is also a vegan. Crazy thing is I used to laugh at him and tease him all the time about eating grass and berries LOL. Now I understand why he decided to live on a plant-based diet. I took so many stimulants to give me energy while playing in the NFL and Tony Gonzalez never took any supplements. I have just as much energy now as I had as a rookie in the NFL. The vegan lifestyle rocks. Right now I'm raising my three-year-old who is also a vegan.