FEATURE: Taryn Graham

My name is Taryn Graham, and I am a black vegan. I have been vegan for a few months now and I am so glad that I am. I became vegan after being diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis late last year. After I went vegan I got my blood tested and it showed that my thyroid levels were perfectly normal.

Now, I am preparing to launch my blog that talks about living a healthy vegan life while having a chronic illness. Although I became vegan after being diagnosed with an illness, veganism means more to me than health. It means supporting equality for all. Including the animals and the environment. I believe that when people go vegan they learn to have compassion for all beings. That means not only do we not harm animals, but we also learn how to treat each other better. 

As more people become vegan that means that more people will be leading healthier lives. However, not everyone can afford to lead a life that consists of eating more fruits vegetables. 

That is why it is so important that more African Americans become vegan. We have to speak out about the food injustices that take place in our communities so that we can have better access to healthy foods.