Jamall Troupe aka Veganz N Da Hood

So, I grew up in a co-parenting situation. My mother was a city girl with southern roots, and my father was a city guy with same roots but had a more esoteric lifestyle and outlook on life. I grew up bi-household, and living with my father, or "staying" with him throughout my childhood, I was exposed to veganism at a very early age. When you're a child, you see this strict diet as punishment and in the early years I couldn't wait to get back to my moms residence to eat junk...in a nutshell. 

I became very aware of the different flavors and cultures I was being exposed to via my dad, whether it was eating middle-eastern or Indian, or just his girlfriend/wife's cooking that was just very different from what I was doing at my mom's house. A proclaimed "VeggieFruitarian", my father was vegan from the 70's who promoted animal rights and love for all the universe provides us with. My father was an activist in his own right who was very prolific in his writing skills. He had two more sons after me Tafari and Valtungie that grew up in his household. So, after going to college, and being able to live on my own and bounce around the country, I ultimately adopted a vegan lifestyle which was an easy transition for me and my family.

I've been vegan over 5 years. I was vegetarian/Pescatarian for 7. My son Hendrix was born vegan and he is 4. Animal rights means a lot to me, and I try to volunteer at rescues as much as possible. What's very important to me is reform, and teaching kids about sustainability, ethical animal rights, and eco, plant-based nutrition.  I hope this gives you a better idea as to what Veganz N Da Hood's focus is. We would like to change the way people consume food in the urban community through education. Veganism is not an elitist white person diet, as whole foods are attainable, affordable and necessary for our communities to flourish. 

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