FEATURE: Malcolm Barnes

My name is Malcolm Barnes. I'm 25 years young and I’m a relatively new vegan of about seven months as of the first week of January 2016. I got out of the national guard in 2014 knowing full well that I needed to make a change, so I researched for two years about men like Dr. Sebi and the alkaline lifestyle, more about our culture and how I needed to start taking meat out from my life. I learned after leaving that my body was breaking down from over 30+ allergies to almost everything around me,  and then I found out about the vegan community, and how predominantly European it is. So @alphablack_veganmen on Instagram was born.

I found over a hundred other black vegan men within the first few weeks that the rest of the mainstream vegan community was apparently not promoting, and now I'm building from there while not contributing to eating animals or letting other people drown out our voices. There is such a massive wave of blatant racism within the vegan movement, and I refuse to let it go unchecked. I made a similar page for the women later on called @melenated.vegangoddesses so that I could promote both.

Now I'm trying to build my YouTube channel Plantbased EmpireTV and hoping to show more of the black community that we exist and are more than powerful enough to do amazing things.  Elevating the African community and doing stuff like a promotion for free has been a staple, but naturally, I need to do more. I'm hoping to expand this further than anyone has done before.

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