FEATURE: Gina Mondesir

My name is Gina Mondesir and I am the owner of MELONATED. Melonated is a plant based blog that features food, fashion, and lifestyle through the melanin eyes. What started the process and basically my journey into veganism was when I saw my mother single-handedly butcher a live pig when I was 16 years old. She wanted to cook fresh griot for dinner. For those that do not not know, griot is a popular Haitian cuisine. The pork is fried until it is golden brown and served with crispy plantains. However, watching her hammer away limb after limb really affected me. Also, my best friend chased me two blocks with the head of the pig my mother gruesomely slaughtered, That is when I began to question what I ate.

After high school I began my transition, I also met my husband who is a vegan and it really helped...but it was not easy. Back then I was trying to change my old eating habits but I felt like I was losing my Haitian culture. Not being able to indulge in those delightful dishes at family get- togethers put me at conflict with my higher self. But the less I ate meat the more I began to feel alive. Then I back-sled! It wasn't until I was feeling sharp pains in my uterus and my urine started to leave a foul smell that caused me to take my health a bit more serious. This eventually led me to the person who I am today and who I am today is Gina Mondesir vegan, mother, wife,entrepreneur, and just a better version of the old me. 

You can find me on Instagram @melonated Twitter @melonated I also have a cooking show on Youtube which is www.youtube.com/loveafroveg and my website is www.melonated.com