FEATURE: Adaora Ngozi Osimiri-Lewis

Goth In The Raw is the brainchild of Nigerian-American industrial musician/model/entrepreneur Adaora Ngozi Osimiri-Lewis, a Goth Raw Vegan/Vegan Private Chef. Her food is a representation of all aspects of her: the arts, avant-garde/dark fashion, her love of food and health, her unique style and love of the Goth subculture, which she has loved and been a part of since a young age. She has also been a vegan since she was 16 and transitioned to raw vegan 6 years ago. Her dishes and recipes have a dark/avant-garde aesthetic that is bold and eerie yet beautiful and all plant-based.

In such a short time since introducing herself to the world in late 2015, she has been featured in and is a Guest Contributing Editor for Vegan Lifestyles Magazine (Australia) and is gaining new fans and followers daily - vegan, raw vegan, non-vegan, alternative, goth and, well....everyone! She has been called by some fans,"The Morticia Addams of the Raw Vegan World", a title that she is ever so delighted to have. With the new year in her hands, she has a major venture in the works as well as a product launch and her YouTube Channel launching this year. She will be featured in the March 2017 Issue of Vegan Life Magazine (UK) with a "Meet The Chef" feature, interviewed for Plant based Cooks Magazine and was recently at the Atlanta VegFest 2016 and is preparing for AVF 2017.  She also has been working with The Humane League of Atlanta, an animal rights and animal activist organization.

She is married (husband is also vegan) and also a mum to two little princes, ages 2 1/2 and 3 years old, who are also little vegans themselves. She shares her love of health, recipes, mummyhood, life, the darkness and all of its beauty with anyone who dares to venture into her world. Adaora has even caught the attention of fellow vegans/activists: female vocalist Otep Shamaya of the metal band OTEP, Tattoo Artist/Celebrity Kat Von D and Alisa White-Gluz, female vocalist of the metal band All That Remains...just to name a few. She shows that vegans of all kinds exist.....even those that are children of the night.

Social Media

Instagram: @gothintheraw

Website:  www.gothintheraw.com