FEATURE: Darrion Smith

I was first introduced to the vegan lifestyle in late 2014 when I met Elandria Williams. She is a vegan and I learned a lot about the benefits and challenges of veganism from her. Until that time, I had never had anyone in my life who didn't eat meat or consume dairy products. This absolutely intrigued me.

I had already given up red meat and pork. I was still indulging in chicken, turkey, fish and dairy products. So this lead me on a journey of really exploring the activism of a plant-based diet. Through constant education and learning cultural history, I gradually eliminated meat from my diet. I also cut off a lot of dairy products. To me, veganism is a form of activism and resistance. I am no longer putting the chemicals, antibiotics, and steroids that are forced into animals inside my body. By no longer eating meat, I'm not contributing to the inhumane treatment and torture of God's living creatures. I also gave up dairy because of the pesticides and also learned that cows milk was not intended for human consumption.  

Through changes in my eating habits, my health has improved dramatically. I no longer feel sluggish, have labored breathing, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, and a better attitude. My journey to veganism began about 2 years ago. My life has definitely changed for the better.