FEATURE: Kraig Valentino


I’m Kraig, a London-based registered vegetarian/ vegan Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist.  I am an activist, health educator and Founder of Health And Rejuvenation, a comprehensive provider of health and wellness services to individuals, groups and corporations. I offer 1-2-1 consultations & health coaching to help you reach your goals.

I embarked on this journey seeking knowledge of self, wanting to change my life and the lives of others for the better, after years of addiction and wanting to improve my health, mind, body, and soul. A whole foods plant-based diet led to gaining more energy, mental clarity, and emotional well being. Yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices helped alter my paradigm. While studying nutrition I found a greater love for nature and myself like never before. Everything is interconnected, and through finding that interconnection, we can connect and unite.

My lifestyle is my stand against the current food system, which places profit before people and the environment. I’m helping others achieve their health goals, hoping for a shift in social consciousness. I help people unlock the power of food to heal the body and achieve optimal health. Want to get started? Go to my website and grab a FREE copy of my eBook- Secrets To a Happier Healthier You. Lots of helpful information, Health and fitness tips, Plant-Based Recipes + More.

People often ask me what’s so great about a plant- based diet, other than what it can do for your health and the planet. I would love to see the liberation of animals in my lifetime, especially being the descendant of slaves who shared similar inhumane treatment. Enslaved, reared for profit, slaughtered, experimented on (most of the time with no pain relief), shackled, chained, caged, shipped, put in zoo’s...the list goes on. Speaking to other melanated people who often believe that being nonhuman makes another life less than their own shows the power and mental conditioning of the oppressor and todays ruling class.

In disconnecting from the oneness of life that connects us all, we lose the respect and synergy all indigenous people shared on the planet. The thought that a more superior being should decide freedoms, protection, or the right to live, always leaves me baffled, People had to (and still have to) fight for justice and the liberation of black people and there has been an awakening. Now it’s also time for the animals.

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