FEATURE: Rian Peters

I am a recording artist from London, UK. I am part of an Electronic music/art project called Suffer the Children based out of Vancouver BC, Canada. I am a singer, songwriter, visionary and a very happy and proud whole foods plant-based, green juicing vegan. 

My journey on this amazing lifestyle change started about 4 years ago.
Even though I was brought up a meat eater, I was always interested in knowing and seeking out the best ways to live a more healthier life. Once upon a time I thought that the best way forward was eating meat and fish, steamed & bland veggies, less carbs, less fruit and drinking lab-made protein powder and energy drinks. Until one day a friend of mine sent me a couple of videos on youtube.

One was a documentary film on juicing called 'Super Juice me' by Jason Vale. The film documented a group of 9 people who were suffering from multiple different chronic dis-eases, and while being on a strict 30 day juice fast, Jason proved to them and the audience that juicing can heal the body and offer many life-enhancing health benefits including a faster and more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and vegetables. The other was of a lecture called 'Best speech you will ever hear' by a man named Gary Yourofsky. Gary Yourofsky is a (controversial) animal rights activist and a very strict vegan. Both videos had an impact on me, but Gary's presentation and approach about the animals really resonated with me, and everything that he was saying made total sense to me.

After watching and listening to his reasons as to why we shouldn't enslave and take the lives of our fellow earthlings and the great health benefits of being a vegan, I knew that I couldn't go back and continue living the way that I was. I continued researching more vegan lectures, documentaries, films etc., filling my brain with as much knowledge as possible but It was still a gradual process for me. I first introduced juicing into my daily lifestyle but I found myself still eating chicken and fish. I then decided to take the next step by becoming a vegetarian and then I finally transitioned over to becoming fully plant-based. However, I wasn't finding much information coming from my own culture, until one day I stumbled across someone's Instagram page who was black and a vegan.

The amount of information that he was sharing on his page about different African doctors and teachers who are vegan led me to start seeking out these same people. From then on I discovered Dr Llaila O Afrika, Aris Latham, Dr Sebi, Prof-I to name a few. I could relate to and connect with their message on a much deeper and spiritual level. They share messages that state that Africans were originally plant-based whole food eaters, how we respected the animals and mother earth back in ancient times, and how our bodies and genetics are actually not designed to eat animal flesh, eggs and dairy, which is why Africans have been (and still are) developing all these different types of life threatening physical dis-eases.

Again, everything they were teaching just made sense to me, it’s not as complicated as people make it out to be, its just that we as people, and especially Africans, have been misinformed and miseducated over the course of time. This old but new information excited me, which then led me to research more on these black vegans. I dug deeper into truth and I continue to do so everyday. I went on and ordered books from Dr Llaila O Afrika, which I have been reading religiously, one called African Holistic Health.

Becoming a whole food plant based eater has really changed my life and how I view life. I now fully appreciate all the raw fruits and vegetables that mother earth has to offer us. As soon as I watched and became aware of all the pain and suffering that we continue to inflict on these beautiful, peaceful, loving marine and land animals, my compassion and empathy for them kicked in. I now look at all living things with wonderment and love whether it be the tiny ant or the largest whale, we are all one and we are all connected. We have the potential to become a more compassionate society if only humans just got back to basics of how God intended for us to live and eat, and for me that all begins with what you put onto your plate, into your glass, and down your throat.  

Aside from my personal and Suffer the Children accounts I also currently run a new Instagram page which is strictly dedicated to inspiring a whole food plant-based lifestyle. My diet consists of mainly juicing, eating raw fruits and vegetables and some cooked grains & legumes. I’m always taking pictures of food at home or when I’m out, so I decided to start posting up images of juices and food dishes to encourage and inspire a more healthier and joyful lifestyle when it comes to food choices. 

This lifestyle change has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has has changed my life forever and for the better
and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to live a much more fulfilled and vibrant life. 

You can find me on Instagram

Food: @livingplantfoods
Personal: @rianpeters
Music: @sufferthechildren