FEATURE: Alexuss Green

I was like everybody else whenever I heard “vegan” or “vegetarian." I always stated how much I loved meat and other animal-based foods. However, when I watched a documentary called “Post Traumatic Slave Diet” it literally shook me to my very core. It showed me the reality of the long-time devastating health crisis in Black America and I remember growing up never having this type of conversation with my family very much. I felt like talking about health was taboo in our community which concerned me. On March 3rd of this year, I decided to take the initiative to start my vegan journey. The more I learned and researched, the more it motivated me to not only get started, but to stay vegan and extend a helping hand to anyone who is interested in this lifestyle. 

Along the way of all my research, I soon learned that some of the top diseases or causes of death in America are diet-related such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Not only are humans seeing the consequences of a poor diet, but thousands of animals are slaughtered in inhumane ways every single day. I love animals too much to eat them any longer but I also love people, so I want to do my best to let people know that veganism is a healthier and compassionate food choice. Hopefully, we can get more people on board and bring healthy plant-based meals to low-income areas. 

So far, the benefits of veganism have been fulfilling physically, mentally and spiritually! My skin glows, I’ve lost weight, and I have more energy. Even the cramping pain from my menstrual cycle has subsided! I do not have the sick feeling that I’ve gotten from eating burgers or other greasy foods. I’m a heavy eater and with vegan food I can eat a lot and still get up to be on the go. With more energy, I go to gym or do at-home workouts.   

I am 90+ days strong in my journey and I do not know everything, but it will come with time. I do plan on staying vegan for the rest of my life.

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