FEATURE: Veladya Chapman

I developed a passion for health and wellness after college and started spending hours a day researching the human body and what we were using to fuel it. The deeper and deeper I dived, the more overwhelmed I felt. There were so many LIES I had been told. I was so conditioned that I actually thought it was okay that thousands of animals were being SLAUGHTERED every day. So I went vegan almost "cold turkey." I became aware of the blatant speciesism we have. Why are people being arrested for harming dogs and not killing pigs and chickens? It makes no sense. I immediately realized how harmful our eating habits are to other beings, the environment and our bodies.

So, I decided to take my research one step further. I enrolled in Holistic Nutrition school, and now I get to spend my life spreading the truth, not only about how cruel an animal-based diet is, but also how a plant-based vegan diet IS the most healthy and beneficial way you can fuel yourself. I help others peel off the layers of brainwashing just like I did so that we may see everything the way it really is. I have never felt or looked better in my life as I do now eating a plant-based vegan diet. I am so happy spending my days healing others while simultaneously healing myself. Food is medicine and medicine is food...and dead bodies and animal secretions are NOT a part of that. 

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