FEATURE: Kevin Durham

Kevin Durham is a Hip Hop artist who just so happens to be on his vegan journey. Kevin Durham began to transition to a vegan lifestyle during a curious time in his life. At the time, he separated from his girlfriend of six (6) years as well as his job of six (6) years to pursue his passions. Although living in Houston at the time, he moved back to his hometown Killeen, Texas --where he would discover a book called The Secret. In addition, he was introduced to documentaries such as “Hidden Colors” and “The Cosmos. A Space Time Odyssey”. During his time of solitude and transition, Kevin Durham began to practice tai chi and other meditational arts. Throughout these practices and studies, he found that eating alkaline foods increased his meditation experiences to a level that was hard to ignore.

He began slowly cutting out meat from his diet until finally consuming balanced alkaline meals. His friends and family have admitted to seeing positive changes in his lifestyle. As a result, a few of those people experimented with the transition. To Kevin, this was a testament to the power of leadership through action and conduct as opposed to words alone. In time, Kevin and his girlfriend eventually rekindled their flame. Importantly, Kevin Durham strengthened his relationship and found a new perspective on life. Many aspects of the one life change created more depth and comfort in Kevin’s music.

In listening to Kevin Durham’s Skiez mixtape available on www.kevinxdurham.com you will hear stories about mental, spiritual, and physical growth. Later on, in his Blue Lotus mixtape, you will hear an air of certainty and clarity. In 2017, Kevin Durham is set to release four (4) bodies of work via iTunes. To learn more on Kevin Durham, you can visit his website at www.kevinxdurham.com. For serious inquires on booking, interviews, and collaborations you can contact his manager DaSean Jones at 832.374.1598. 

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