FEATURE: Coco Kapfer


I’m Coco and I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner Bubba. The two of us live a vegan lifestyle. While diet does play a huge role in being vegan, I see it as a lifestyle because it expands much further than what I eat. It is a day to day commitment that I make to the animals, my health, my community and the planet… but it’s also about the food, let’s not forget the food. 

I am truly obsessed with food. Let’s rewind a little. - Leaves in my hair, a diaper full of sand, a smile that took up most of my face, proudly holding a platter of “food” that I had prepared for my mom from flowers and water. It’s not only my first memory but also the moment I knew that my world was going to revolve around food. - See? Food has always been at the heart of it. 

Food is my medicine, history, art, sustenance, treat, culture, politics, love and joy.

I have not always been vegan. Growing up I was a vegetarian and pescetarian. Making the connection that pigs are pork and cows are beef was simple. Making that same connection with eggs, milk, and fish took longer...much longer. 

To be completely honest I looked into eating a plant based vegan diet for health reasons. I had a lack of energy, my body ached and after leaving Hawaii for Portland, I also had severe seasonal depression. 

One day while on Youtube I stumbled upon a vegan video. It was a short little video of a mama and her son eating an abundance of raw fruits and veggies. The health, vitality and happiness that the two of them were so effortlessly radiating got me hooked! So I made the change. 

I went from eating TONS of eggs, butter and cheese to eating a diet of ripe fruits, fresh veggies and whole foods overnight. My partner did too (thank goodness, the support was so vital). I felt the change in my health right away. 

I was however still craving animal products, missing ‘flavorful foods’ and was now comparing myself to thin white women with blond hair. While the online vegan community propelled me into veganism I knew something deeper and more personal was going to engage me to stay with the diet and eventually blossom it into a wholesome lifestyle. 

I started taking matters into my own hands. I found vegan meet ups, talked to seasoned vegans, read books about animal agriculture’s ties to the environment, watched movies that tugged on my heart strings, tried cooking my favorite dishes vegan and asking questions that made most vegans uncomfortable to hear. Research was the key for my success. It still is. It also made me realize that my voice and story was important. 

That realization gave me the motivation I needed to start Eclectic and Vegan. Eclectic and Vegan is aimed at vegans and non-vegans alike. Its a place where questions are welcome. Just as the name implies we pull from a variety of sources and delve into veganism with curiosity,  wonder and joy.   


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