Hello, I'm am Zakea and I would like to raise money to help kickstart my dream of owning a vegan restaurant with a garden in the back. 2014 was a major awakening for me. I wanted to stop eating meat and I wanted to become more involved with nature inside and out. I began to educate myself on how the body benefits from eliminating the consumption of meat. I also read a book called Heal Thyself by Queen Afua that gave me so much insight about how to eat to heal your body. I began to answer all of my questions: Will I feel different? Will I stop having this digestion problem? Will my skin clear up? Will I start to feel better physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally?

 I was curious to know if all the research about this diet was accurate. It was hard at first, but July 16 ,2014 I was determined to go cold turkey, and about 2 weeks in, I felt the difference inside and out. I felt great, better than ever. I was eating more veggies, smoothies, juices, beans and many others thing I didn't think twice of eating previously. I also didn't crave any processed or junk food. I was learning new recipes and having fun cooking and blending them...it was awesome. A lot of people would bash me about not receiving enough protein, vitamins etc., so I went to the doctor and I wasn't lacking anything. I was healthy and felt better than ever.

My occupation is Home Health Aide. I take care of the elderly and it hurts my heart to have worked with so many people who all are suffering from the same exact illnesses: diabetes, bone problems, heart problems, digestive problems, and bad eating habits. I'm no doctor, and I do understand that veganism can't cure every illness, but I believe we should eat better. However, I can't tell someone with years, even decades, of bad habits to change and I don't pressure them because  I don't want to get them upset or feel hurt. If I can help bring forth healing recipes, for the next generation and any people who are willing to break away from routines with juices, smoothies and soups etc, I would feel like I'm doing exactly what the most high put me here to do--I just need a little jump start.

I recently had a baby boy (Noah) March 2016 and I didn't eat meat during my pregnancy nor did I drink cows milk. I kept telling myself I'm going full vegan when he's born. Now he's a healthy breastfed, alert 5 month old and I don't eat meat, drink cows milk and I stopped eating cheese. My meals have improved tremendously and when people ask me what's your dream I reply "I want to change the world, and by changing the world I mean by the way people eat so that all of those animals don't have to die for us to indulge in a burger, all those baby cows don't have to die so we can take it's mothers milk and make cookies and cakes. It's not about losing weight...it's about maintaining healthy ph balance, it's about feeling good, it's about longevity. I want to make people feel better and more energized." 

I want to start a business that benefits my community. We have to change the way we eat and if we don't start now then I'm afraid it will be too late. I want a garden in the back of my restaurant. I want people to sit outside and eat around the food that I grow and put it on their plates and in their cups. I want to heal the world one human being at a time.  With your help I can do so ... Thank you for reading... -Zakea "Backyard Vegan" 

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