FEATURE: Celine Karekezi

I knew my life would not stay the same the day I saw baby chicks being ground up because of the egg industry. The disgust and anger I felt that day did not go away and probably never will, but I learned how to transform it step by step into action.

In the beginning I shared visuals, debated speciesist posts for hours with other vegan "cyber activists." I thought that I joined a close-knit and convergent community, but it did not take long for me to understand that racism, sexism and heteronormativity was still present, even where speciesism disappeared a little bit.

How to fight for animals while ignoring oppressions between humans ? To me, that’s impossible.

The violent reactions I met when correcting someone on a sexist term, racist "joke", transphobic notions, disgusted me from this mainly white hetero cis and male environment.

Until the day I joined the antispeciesist group of my university "Le Cercle Antispéciste de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles." Meeting people who shared my anticapitalist, feminist, antiracist and antispeciesist views reinforced my determination to fight against all oppressions.

But that is not enough for me. I live in the capital of the EU, Brussels, where the number of vegan restaurants is close to zero.. The few alternatives are quite pricy. It can't be normal that veganism, and the refusal to exploit animals, is only available to the privileged.
So I decided together with 2 friends, whom I met in university, to start a crowdfunding in order to open the first vegan café & bar in Brussels: “The Judgy Vegan”. It's a safe space where oppressions are not reproduced.
Activism while cooking and eating burgers and donuts is also kind of my dream life.

Riots not diets and power to the people !

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