FEATURE: Rashodd Tarail

Once I began meditating, veganism came naturally. I mean, one doesn’t have to research too deeply to find the health risks correlated with meat rich diets and those of African descent. But after thorough research and investigation, the devouring of books, essays, and articles, it was obvious to me that veganism was not only a beneficial diet, but a key component to the overall well being of humanity, the animal kingdom, and life in general. Whether you look at it scientifically as did Einstein and Tesla (The Problem of increasing Human Energy) or whether you look at it ethically, as say a Coretta Scott King, you cannot honestly make the argument against the planetary benefits of plant-based diets on the whole. You may not like it, but let's be truthful.

I have been vegan for 6 years now and long story short I credit my switch to mediation and a lot of reading. Even though I had abstained from eating beef and pork for 10 years prior to going vegan, I was still eating
small amounts of turkey, chicken and fish. In hindsight, it was a few years after reading Do You by Russell Simmons and looking very deeply into more spiritual practices that veganism dawned on me. For beginners, I
think meditation helps deal with the scrutiny one faces from one’s peers, ultimately phasing it out...but experiences are subjective. As I continue my vegan journey, I am now stepping into a new creative phase. I am now developing a few photography projects focused on African Diasporic veganism; the first being a 13 x 9 print available through
my online shop aboyandphysics.co.

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