FEATURE: Zatiti Ema

Going vegan in the 80's was about not following our former slave master and his diet.  It was about liberation of our minds, bodies and souls.  It was about taking a stand against racism and all the casualties that have been inflicted upon our people through oppression and the former plantation culinary teachings of eating garbage in order to survive.  Those foods would later be known as soul food. 

This diabolical tactic of eating what is not edible would become mainstream for our race in America.  Pigs feet, intestines, skin and all the other parts of the animal were used to feed our people.  Our mothers did their best to make it palatable.  Yet this is not food made for human consumption.  It is slave food, used to maintain a system that did not have our interests at heart.

Going vegan is about showing the rest of the African family what is possible.  Going vegan is about a rise in consciousness.  Going vegan is about being natural again- shunning chemical and artificial edibles that masquerade as food.  Going vegan is about being Malcolm, Martin and Harriet Tubman in the store, activists in the kitchen and at the table. Going vegan is about staying healthy and strong.  Going vegan is about the resources of our planet and the animals. Going vegan is another form of African Liberation, cause African/Black lives rock!  

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