Nominate an Unsung Vegan Hero

The Pollination Project is making ten awards of $1000 each to Unsung Vegan Heroes.

The Lisa Shapiro Award recognizes the quiet superheroes of our movement: people who work humbly behind the scenes, creating a world where animals do not suffer at the hands of humans. The Pollination Project gives no-strings-attached awards of $1000 each to ten unsung vegan heroes, selected by a diverse team of animal rights and vegan activists, movement leaders, authors and entrepreneurs. Winners also receive a $100 donation made in their honor to any animal charity of their choice, as well as cross promotion in the Huffington Post and Our Hen House.

Nominations close August 12th. To learn more about the guidelines surrounding the nomination process, click HERE

Dr. Breeze Harper was one of the winners last year. Click HERE to read about previous winners.