FEATURE: Adrienne Doggan

Being vegan was something I never thought I would even imagine adjusting to, let alone including in my social media bios to describe myself. But let me say it has been an amazing and life-changing learning experience! My vegan journey began when my mother suggested the lifestyle about 5 years ago when I was a senior in high school.

We would watch the depressingly horrific documentaries about slaughterhouses as well as the one about how fast food makes your health decline. We attempted to try veganism and failed a few times over the years. Then, after we put all of our research together from articles and books and various vegan documentaries, we realized it wasn't so difficult and the transition was necessary for our life's longevity. We just decided to "be about it" and stop just talking about it.

My mother and I have been vegan since February 2015, so we're newbies in the game. I've gained so many cooking skills! Vegan life will require lots of smart grocery shopping and cooking, I will say that. It's fun trying all the different vegetables and spices with all this vegan food that is new to my diet. I originally decided to go vegan because I wanted to lose weight consistently and maintain it. But that quickly became less and less of my inspiration after learning about all the health benefits and environmental benefits as well. One thing I can say for any aspiring vegan is to just do it! Anything in life becomes more simple after you attempt to do it, so just do it! 


Blog website: http://adrienneislove.com