FEATURE: Conner Speigner

My name is Conner Speigner. My mother named me this on purpose, so that when I would apply for jobs in the future, the assumption would be that I was white or at the very least, male. 

I'm 24 years old, a chef, bookworm, yoga addict and a rockin' Black Vegan! I grew up as one of those that "walked and ate" as they say; I was constantly walking around the house eating something. Usually I would gravitate towards fruits and veggies instead of sweets and meat; even requesting boiled turnips as a treat. 

While carrying me, my mom could ONLY eat FRESH fruit and vegetables. NO MEAT. NO DAIRY. NO SWEETS. NO CANNED FOODS. If she did, she would become incredibly sick! We should have known then, I'd turn out this way.

My aunt called one evening saying she was going vegan, to treat her diabetes. She and I have the same birthday and are quite similar people so I trusted that this decision would work! I went vegan overnight. Literally. And I haven't looked back in six years. 

I went vegan for health but now I stand strong that veganism is the answer for serving us as an ECOsystem and not our individual EGOsystems. Every day, I am building upon this vegan lifestyle to reach others and spread the message of a different way and dare I say it, a better way.

I am currently a chef with a focus on teaching healthful options and transitioning classes, giving presentations/lectures on how the African culture has influenced the way Blacks eat today globally (i.e. Soul Food is Slave Food) and being a personal chef in people’s homes. My ultimate goal is to open a holistic wellness center where people can come and unplug, unlearn and unify their body, mind and spirit, embrace fresh and living foods, move their bodies, receive education and allow the toxins of life to be expelled so that they can open themselves up to a higher vibration of awareness.

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