FEATURE: Letitia Richards

Peace of Food was founded by Letitia Richards in 2010 as a platform to educate and support those who are seeking holistic healing through a vegan, vegetarian, or raw lifestyle. Witnessing loved ones being affected by lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure ignited a change in Letitia. She wanted to prevent this from ever happening to her so she started researching the connection between diet and disease. That was just the beginning of her wellness journey.

Growing up, Letitia ate anything from McDonalds, to fried chicken, to all types of processed foods. The thought of eliminating animal products from her diet was never even a thought. But more and more research pointed to the harsh effects of animal products on the body. Letitia decided to give a plant-based diet a try by eliminating things from her diet slowly. She eliminated meat first and continued consuming dairy and seafood. As she researched the dairy and seafood industry, she came to the conclusion that it would be best to eliminate all animal products from her diet. It definitely wasn't easy. 

Finding new ways to cook vegetables and grains that she never tasted in her life was a struggle, not to mention the lack of support. Being a black woman and going vegan was in some ways an oxymoron. She heard everything from "You're going to lose all of your curves and be so skinny!" to "Being vegan is for white people." Those comments made her question herself and rethink if she was making the right decision. She kept on going on her path to wellness and nothing was going to stop her. Becoming vegan made her feel amazing! Having a healthier diet gave her more mental clarity and helped her see that the food we consume is not only connected to our physical body, but to our mind and soul. 

The benefits definitely outweighed missing the taste of meat or dairy. As time went on, being vegan became second nature. Cooking, shopping, eating out and social gatherings were no longer awkward experiences for her. Letitia also decided to go back to school to become a certified holistic health coach. Her passion in nutrition grew and she wanted to support those who were on the same journey.

Letitia is the founder and creator of Peace of Food Wellness. She is a holistic health coach who helps people make simple transitions to a plant-based diet.

She believes in creating long lasting, sustainable lifestyle changes to heal your mind, body, and soul. She has lead numerous workshops and events around the Boston area and works with clients one-on-one. She resides in the Boston, MA area and enjoys vegan cooking, reading, and traveling.