Sunday News Roundup


Dr. A. Breeze Harper Is the Official Vice Presidential Nominee for The Humane Party


The Humane Party is a political party that centers on animal rights and a sustainable economy. The party was founded in 2009 and Clifton Roberts (who has been vegan for 18 years) became the party's first presidential nominee in 2016. He chose Dr. A. Breeze Harper (the founder of Sistah Vegan) as his Vice Presidential Nominee. Check out the official announcement HERE. Congratulations Dr. Harper! This is historic--two BLACK VEGANS are running to be in the White House! #registertovote

Donate to MaituFoods: Local Food Worldwide 2 

MaituFoods, the vegan nutirition and meal provider of Grow Where You Are, will return to Kenya with a focus on vegan outreach and plant-based eating. Over a month-long period this August, and with the help of a vegan partner in Nairobi, Jo'Vonna will explore indigenous edible plants and local plant-based culinary traditions, recipes and nutrition knowledge. She will also work to connect and empower vegetarians adn vegans in Kenya through community vegan meals and informations meet-ups, with discussions about local plant-based cuisine, veganic growing techniques, and why plant-based approaches to hunger and food sovereignty are also important to local environmental initiatives. 

Pleaes donate anything you can HERE. All contributions to the campaign will be DOUBLED by A Well-Fed World (up to $5,000).

Obama to Set GroundBreaking Limit on Animal Testing

Richard Bowie, a writer for VegNews, reported on a story about a provision to a 40-year-old act that will restrict animal testing. Bowie writes:

"A new piece of legislation is on its way toward providing unprecedented protections for animals. A provision to the Toxic Substances Control Act-which would reduce the use of animals in laboratory experiments to test the safety of chemical-laden products-has been passed by the House of Representatives and is up for review by President Obama. The provision, drafted by vegan Senator Cory Booker, would also urge the Environmental Protection Agency to develop and use whatever possible non-animal alternatives." You can read more HERE

Seba Johnson, a Black Vegan Olympian and Animal Rights Activist, is Writing a Book

Seba Johnson is a well-known animal rights activist. In fact, she has been vegan her entire life! Seba was also the FIRST person we ever featured here at Black Vegans Rock. She wants to share her life story through a book, however, she needs your help to make this project come alive. Consider donating HERE today. 

Venus Williams and DJ Khaled Celebrate ‘The Power of Plants’ for Silk

According to Erik Oster of Agency Spy, "Fallon launched a new campaign for WhiteWave Foods soy, almond, cashew and coconut milk brand Silk with a pair of spots starring Venus Williams and DJ Khaled. The campaighn entited 'Do Plants,' arrives just ahead of the brand's 20th anniversary." Read more HERE. 

Huffington Post's 'Journey Beyond the Binary' Series Features Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Huffington Post's Journey Beyond the Binary blog series is an "editorial effort to bring diverse trans and gender non-conforming voices to the HuffPost Blog during and after Pride month."

Pax Ahimsa Gethen's piece "Men in Skirts" was chosen for the series. Read the piece HERE