I'm the CEO and part owner of my own transportation company! I also am a Vegan Chef currently looking to own my own meals on wheels vegan food service truck!  I'm going into business with my brother who is also a Chef and culinary genius! We are looking to be serving the college students at the local university!

With that being said, I have been vegan for about 2 years. I was vegetarian at first and I haven't consumed meat in about 8 years, so the change from vegetarian to vegan was not difficult!

I made the choice to go vegan because I realized that consuming another living being as food (or what they produced, like milk, honey and eggs) was not a very responsible thing to do. I felt as though I was gambling with my body, especially not knowing exactly what animals were consuming. That scared me. I wanted to take my life and health into my own hands!

I began to research and one of the first videos I can remember seeing was "If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls." After that video, I was done. I began to really wake up and realized what I was really doing to myself, the animals, and even the planet! Eventually I saw the documentary Cowspiracy and it really helped to educate me on the effects of what a meat-based diet was doing to the planet! 

So, I used myself as an example to teach others how a plant based diet can turn your health around! 

I have gained a following and quite a few people come to me with curious questions and sincere gratitude for introducing them to the vegan lifestyle, but I know for all those that don't say anything, I know they're watching.  I will continue to spread this vegan message. I will do my part!

I thank you for the opportunity to express to you my thoughts and opinions on this matter! Much "Vegan Love."

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