FEATURE: Mark Blake

Mark aka "Mr.VeggieMan" has been vegan for approximately 19 years. He's been a raw vegan for 15 years. Currently, he does wellness coaching, nutritional counseling, international healing retreats, and he's creating a sustainable community in Nicaragua. He's also a DJ.

My journey to being a vegan is a byproduct of my search to answers for health challenges. At the age of 38 I was keenly aware of the rapid increase in grey hair, balding, low energy, and frequency of getting colds and flu. Doctors told me those were the result of normal aging, even though I had surpassed the aging of people who had started balding years before me. I picked up a book Back to Eden that was a gift for my 35th birthday and I finally read it. My eyes lit up.

Over the course of the next year I did a process of eliminating unhealthy and adding healthy to my life, especially my diet. I increasingly felt better and after a year I was a pescatarian, and looking and feeling much better. I still had some energy and emotional issues. I sought alternative treatment.. It was there that I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, candida (severe), parasites, stagnant liver, pre-diabetes, and a host of other ailments. I changed my diet and eliminated most of those symptoms in less than a week.

After six months of eating fish as the only animal product, I simply lost the taste.

I became a high raw vegan about 15 years ago. At age 57, I feel incredible inside and out. I have enormous energy and feel rested with 5 to 6 hours of sleep.

I'm a certified raw food chef, I host a quarterly 21 day friends and family fast, and I'm in the renovation stages of a sustainable community in Nicaragua. I do Wellness and Nutritional counseling, and I host events on food preparation, sustainability, and breakthroughs. I travel across the globe tasting the most delicious fruits and vegetables, and the experiencing amazing people.