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It seemed like it was by accident that I stumbled across veganism. I truly dislike to box myself in when using the word "vegan." I am a free spirit so I dislike titles, however, it is what it is! My journey to veganism started with my hair. I was going natural and wanted natural remedies to maintain healthier hair. I was amazed that certain foods that I was consuming could either aid in healthy hair or aid in really unhealthy hair, and I prefer hair growth! I had to be honest with myself as well: I didn't have good eating habits, nor was I taught any. 

Anyways, I kept asking myself question after question. The biggest question I asked myself was: If food affects my hair, then how is it affecting me period? I started down the rabbit hole. I started off vegetarian first, researched some more information and was like "ewwww" no more animal byproducts like cheese and eggs. What really took the cake for me was when I watched a documentary called Vegucated. How the industry treated animals was horrible and inhumane. I wanted to cry and tears had begun to form. I was like hell naw!! That's it. I'm done. Vegan it is!!

It wasn't hard at all. You get the occasional jokes from friends and family about why you chose not to consume meat, especially chicken. It's really not a laughing matter when it comes to my health. I do believe the most challenging part of my journey was: what to eat now? I have conquered through that. My journey went from being health conscious to transforming into a spiritual journey. If someone would have told me about being vegan, and what it consists of, I would have transitioned a long time ago. I'm open-minded, so I know for sure I would have changed. 

So, now I have a blog at www.inhertherapy.com that informs people about health awareness, empowerment, etc. I also go into more detail on why I chose a vegan lifestyle. I've decided to enroll in school to obtain my Holistic Nutrition certification to further my growth. I also want to assist people with transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. I sometimes volunteer as a nutritionist at a women's shelter and have decided to teach classes on health, especially food and how it plays a major role in death and disease. If you would like to follow me or reach out to me please check out the information below:

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