FEATURE: Rosalyn Terry

I went vegan back in 2013. I made the transition because I was tired of being sick and I was tired of doctors not knowing what was wrong with me. I have been battling lupus since 2002, and I went through so many changes. I saw various specialists that gave me all of these medications that were not working. At one point, I was taking 20 pills a day. 

In 2010 I transitioned to vegetarian and could tell I was feeling better but still had some work to do. After various hospital visits, more medication, and the possibility of chemo treatments, 2013 was the year I decided enough was enough. I started college in August 2014 and while I was there, I learned so much about the food industry, animal agriculture, pharmacy, disease, and food. So, I started implementing what I was learning in class and using it for myself. 

I haven't had any symptoms since and I share my personal journey all over social media to inspire others.