FEATURE: Alice Wills

My name is Alice Wills and I am a fun and spunky freelance actress from North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I enjoy reading, writing, playing guitar, cooking, running and overall fitness just to name a few. I decided to go vegan mainly because of the cruelty and nonchalance towards animals. I remember a real defining moment in my life when I dissected a large cat in anatomy class and skinned its arm. It looked exactly like a chicken wing, and that's when it hit me-that I was strangely eating dismembered corpses.

I went vegetarian but didn't have the self control nor the right motivation to maintain it. So six months ago I decided to take my passion for fitness to the next level and become a personal trainer as a second career. I am the only person in my immediate family that loves fitness and I am breaking the cycles of obesity one step at a time. Learning how my body functioned optimally as well as performed with certain foods made me realize the meat wasn't something my body thrived from but rather something that kept the weight on.

My skin reacts very poorly to dairy and I've never really enjoyed milk my entire life. After watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings it drove home the point that the animals were at our mercy and by killing them for our selfish unnecessary taste, it was also destroying the environment. I went cold turkey (what a terrible expression) and haven't looked back. I am vegan for life and would love to spread this lifestyle throughout our community because so much heart disease and chronic illness runs rampant and so much can be prevented through the vegan lifestyle as well as not contributing to an animal Holocaust.

I find it amazing, so many people fight saying #AllLivesMatter then contribute to murdering animals as if they don't have lives. So far my journey has been amazing and I only regret not being born vegan. This reminds me of my natural hair journey, wishing I had been born without the brainwash. My family looks at it as a strange outside lifestyle but I know they'll come around. Yes, going out is hard, but I love the added creativity to my cooking as well as new information I learn every day about nutrition.

Every once and in a while I'll get into a debate with someone uncomfortable with difference but its honestly awesome to be different and spread this good news. I love the aha moment people have when then realize I'm making perfect sense. I have no complaints other than I wish more people would be exposed to healthier foods in North Philly and more Vegan options to expand their world. I do volunteer work and I hope it exposes more people to veganism, and I hope to learn even more as well. 


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