FEATURE: MiLisa Coleman

My name is MiLisa Coleman, I’m 26 years old and a proud native of Cleveland, OH. I became a vegetarian in 2010 and at the end of 2013 transitioned into a vegan lifestyle. The catalyst was compassion for sentient life and my spiritual journey. I spend time outside with the Earth expressing gratitude and take pride in caring for my guardian of being (cat). Lately, I have been trying different recipes and doing a taste test at Cleveland area restaurants as they become more vegan friendly. I'd like to rock even more as a BLACK VEGAN by increasing my involvement in animal rights activism and have more intersectional discussions. I definitely see the links between anti-speciesism and anti-racism.

In Cleveland, I hope to form a group of black vegans and vegetarians that could use support and want to talk at length about the role veganism plays in the social justice movement. I enjoy the lifestyle very much and have become unapologetic about my choice. As vegans, we are looking at the world as a whole and mindful of the life we share the planet with. I am comforted by the digital platform Black Vegans Rock along with other Facebook groups as we know we aren’t the only ones and it is necessary to connect.


On my website, I introduce a few vegans/vegetarians I met in Cleveland and open the dialogue:

I am also traveling to Egypt where I will be doing a journal project touching on veganism and intersectionalism:

I am open to submissions for my vegan blog: