FEATURE: Sarah Juanita

I went vegan because I didn't like the reckless slaughter of sentient beings and the unethical cruel treatment of black and brown bodies. I have also noticed that I feel lighter and less dense maneuvering through life this way. My vegan journey was actually pretty difficult because of the  lack of knowledge surrounding how versatile this way of life can be. I was on and off for about four years under Queen Afua's influence which, for the most part, is still an enriching experience but it was too restrictive and I ain't even gonna lie, if I am highly bored and uninspired: I slip.

When I discovered Dr, A Breeze Harper's videos (my boyfriend would later buy me her book on my 23rd solar return; Sistah Vegan), Chef Ahki's videos, and Bryant Terry's celebrated book, The Inspired Vegan: Seasonal Ingredients, Creative Recipes, Mouthwatering Menus (2012), veganism became a more viable option When I found them and their dedicated facebook groups (which featured other groups that were fun, less stressful, affordable, anti-ableist, anti-sizeist, and not elitist), I became vegan. As long as I am not eating animals or their byproducts, I'm good. As a result, I feel even more creative, healthy, and level headed.