FEATURE: Joe "Monk" Coleman

Hello, my name is Joe "Monk" Coleman and I am 46 years old. I took on the name Monk because my friends said my lifestyle was similar to a Monk's lifestyle...however, this wasn't always the case.  

My journey to becoming a straight edge vegan was an unconventional one. I never knew what a vegan was until about three years ago. So, here we go...I was raised in organized religion throughout my whole childhood and after I left the house I lived just the opposite of my upbringing..I was out of control to say the least. After years and years and years of this, I realized this wasn't working for me either.. I was lost.

 My life started changing the day I sat down to meditate although I didn't really know what it was. A few years into meditation practice, a friend of mine came up to me as I was sitting and eating a veggie scramble, and they asked if I was vegetarian. Without thinking I said yes. I was probably just as shocked as her by my response. The connection with all life was being made! After this I had to learn how to eat and also discovered what a vegan was and made that transition, too. 

I'm no longer the party, meat-eating, depressed, lost man that I was...My purpose now is to bring awareness and understanding, and I want to spread the message of love and compassion for myself and all others :)