Sunday Black Vegan News Roundup

Chef Ahki Appears on Wendy Williams Show

Celebrity chef, Chef Ahki had a special appearance on the Wendy Williams show and demonstrated how to cook some healthy vegan dishes. You can find the recipes for the dishes HERE

The Intersectional Justice Conference is Coming Up! 

On March 25-28th, the Whidbey Institute will be hosting the Intersectional Justice Conference. Dr. Breeze Harper, Aph Ko, Pax Ahimsa Gethen, Carol J. Adams, Lauren Ornelas, Brenda Sanders, and Pattrice Jones will be speaking alongside many other great activists. Christopher-Sebastian McJetters helped organize the conference. David and Paige Carter (from the 300lb Vegan) will be attending the event as well. For more details, click HERE

Aph Ko Interview with Animal Voices

Aph Ko, the founder of Black Vegans Rock, explains the inspiration for creating BVR in this new interview with Animal Voices. You can find it HERE

Stevie Wonder Urges People to Go Vegan

In a recent interview with AOL, Stevie said, "I’m motivating people to do something about how we’re living on this planet...We have to be about making our planet more greener, the urban areas more sustainable for the children...We can't just talk about it, we have to be about it."