FEATURE: MiLisa Coleman

My name is MiLisa Coleman. I am 25 years old and a native of Cleveland, OH. I am a Black Vegan that rocks.

My vegan journey worked in tandem with my personal evolution. Within, a questioning spirit burgeoned. My view of the world and existence shifted. I transitioned from a texturizer to a short afro. The timing of it was almost symbolic as it followed the death of my father. I opened myself up to eclectic spirituality (i.e. Buddhism, meditation, yoga, crystals). Growing up, there had always been cognitive dissonance about the process of animals becoming meals. 

In 2010, out of respect for friends of various faiths, I cut out certain meats and then no longer consumed any animals, and by the end of 2013, none of their byproducts. I subscribe to the belief in living without the exploitation of living creatures. I removed all apparel and shoe items that contained animal hair or skin, stopped attending the circus, the zoo, and do not support brands that test on animals. It is a compassionate way of being. I respect and love my fellow earthlings; we are one. I feel connected to the Earth more. Being in nature and eating of Mother Nature's goodness for sustenance is an earthly blessing. In short, I became vegan because I did not want to contribute to the suffering of animals. 

With that as my foundation, I did not struggle with eliminating meat from my daily food intake. However, it can be lonely being the only vegan in the household and the only black vegan at vegan gatherings or animal rights protests. Like many, I received questions about my reasoning, the taunts of dead flesh dangling in my face as though teasing would set me back into my 'right mind'. and of course the condescending question "What do you eat?" I take it all in stride. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I ever made as I continue to open myself up to life. Lastly, I applaud the social justice movements tied to veganism in response to food deserts and improving the health of under-served communities with green spaces.


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