FEATURE: Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

Longtime vegan and social justice advocate Christopher-Sebastian McJetters divides his time between London and New York City. A copyeditor by profession, Sebastian is a staff writer at Vegan Publishers, part-time lecturer on speciesism at Columbia University and board member of Peace Advocacy Network. He focuses on examining the complex relationships between animal violence, environmental racism, classism, and capitalism.

Sebastian has also contributed to the anthology Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice edited by Dr. Will Tuttle, UK-based Barefoot Vegan magazine, and the blog Striving With Systems in collaboration with Charlotte Eure, Aph Ko of Aphro-Ism, and Triangle Chance for All microsanctuary co-founder Justin Van Kleeck.

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Christopher-Sebastian recently wrote a compelling essay for Striving with Systems called, "Animal Rights and the Language of Slavery" where he explains why we must be careful when we use slavery as an analogy for animal oppression. He says:

Basically what we're looking at is a pattern whereby blackness is used and commodified at different times and by different groups to further an agenda without offering any real type of solidarity on black issues. And if animal rights doesn't address this, our activism will be no different.