Sunday Black Vegan News Roundup

Check out "Meatout 2016" 

The Black Vegetarian Society of Texas is hosting a huge International event to bring awareness to the benefits of eating vegan called, "Meatout 2016: Tackle Your Health." It's a FREE event and it's open to EVERYONE. Celebrity Executive Chef, Ayinde Howell will present a vegan food prep demo. David Carter, a former NFL lineman and the 300 lb Vegan is the keynote speaker. The event takes place on March 19, 2016 from 10am to 3pm. Get more details HERE

BVR Founder, Aph Ko, Has a New Interview Out

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Aph Ko was recently interviewed by Compassion Over Killing about the Black Vegans Rock project. She states:

"I would argue that in order for black folks to be useful agents of change in the mainstream society, we first need to rebuild ourselves through our own grassroots movements. Black Vegans Rock has been receiving a lot of attacks from some animal rights activists who seem to be threatened by the idea that there are different ways to engage different communities in veganism and animal rights. However, I don't focus on people who want to attack. I believe that there should always be a diversity of perspectives in activist spaces. The more people share their ideas for making veganism and animal rights more accessible for different audiences. the better. I don't think there's one way of doing it. Animal oppression is a very serious problem and we need to always remember that this is why we're doing our activist work." 

Babette Davis, Chef and Co-owner of "Stuff I Eat" Was Featured in Vice

Babette's vegan restaurant in LA was spotlighted in Vice! She states:

"We needed to be here to bring this to a community that has so many health issues. Because we lived [here], we knew that there was nothing healthy around to eat. And whenever we wanted to purchase good food or go out to eat, we had to travel across town-[for] vegan food, in particular."

Check out the Vegan Voices of Color Website

Vegan Voices of Color is a new space that shows the intersections of PoC and the animal agriculture industry. Check out the new website HERE and be sure to like the Facebook page. 

New Essay on Aphro-ism 

Aphro-ism has a new essay out by Aph Ko titled, "Vegans of Color and Respectability Politics: When Eurocentric Veganism is Used to Rehabilitate Minorities." Here's a quote from the article:

"Veganism shouldn't be a tool the dominant class uses to rehabilitate blackness, as though blackness is inherently criminal, deviant, and barbaric. The consistent focus on former gang-members turned vegan perpetuates this narrative that veganism is peaceful and automatically leads to social justice. Veganism is sold as the perfect antidote to years of systemic racism."

Donate to Pax Ahimsa Gethen's Patreon Account

Pax is on the advisory board for BVR, as well as a skilled photographer and writer. Click HERE to become a patron! 

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