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Kush is a Reggae singer born in the Ivory Coast (West Africa) now based in California. He has been performing in many parts of the world over the years and released 4 albums. He gained a following in the United States after joining Southern California roots Reggae band "Bloodfiyah Angels" in 2003. Kush is also known for his work with legendary Jamaican producer Scientist. Kush now performs and records as a solo artist with his band of seasoned musicians.

I became vegan 20 years ago because I never felt like a “meat-eater”, however, I ate meat because my family did. I ended up learning the effects of animal products on our bodies like animal fat, milk, and how all of those products are not easily processed by the human body. I noticed that anyone someone was unhealthy, doctors prescribed a more vegan-oriented diet, never the other way around.

It is really sad that we still have to remind others that Black lives matter, but I think that the best resistance against racism is through discipline and self reliance. The more knowledge we have and the more independent we are, the less likely we are to feel the effects of racism even though it's always there.

Human beings have a tendency to disturb other beings in order to enjoy their lives. The more advanced we get, the less we need to do that.

Every living being should have the right to go through their lives according to what nature intended for them. Eating animals today is purely to satisfy our taste buds as opposed to doing it to survive. I agree with Gandhi when he said that humans are intelligent enough that they shouldn't have to kill to survive.


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