FEATURE: Ariel Calhoun


I chose veganism for a variety of reasons. One being love, enlightenment, and mastery. I believe love cannot be categorized. Frugivores and vegans are your lovers. That's the missing ingredient to life and society. Things should always be done with love.

The Standard American Diet left me docile, with no creativity - almost as if I were sleepwalking through life. I would pass out immediately after large meals and I had no idea this was all attributed to my diet. I found videos on Dr.Sebi and started my path to veganism and understanding how much food plays a major role in our lives. I feel more inclined to be the trial and error person so I can influence others to make the changes as well. Respect should be given to all living things on this planet no matter how minute.

I believe in having the ultimate control over our bodies. Once you can control what you eat and drink you are on your way to mastering yourself. That's something that truly fascinates me. I believe we all have the innate ability to take this world, our world, your world, to the next level. I believe the foods we consume elevate us or deplete us. I believe natural fruits and vegetables should be the only staple in life to obtain or revitalize our healthy bodies. I've experienced countless relatives and friends who have had high cholesterol and diabetes from unhealthy eating habits. If I can influence others to try it for at least a month, I know something can be proven during that time. Veganism is the future.

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