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My story of becoming vegan is a little different . I grew up in a Christian sect that encouraged vegetarianism and veganism. Living a plant-based life was praised as peaceful and Godly. However, it wasn't until much later in adulthood that I made the choice for myself to become vegan.

During my first year of college, I started having health issues and had to be hospitalized. I had a chronic stomach issue. I reached a low point in my life. Dealing with illness shows you who your friends are, and who you are. As I sat on the hospital bed, I reflected on the years of my life and decided that moving forward, I would have the best life ever. I started to make changes to my diet and what I ate. By that time, I had flirted with vegetarianism, but decided to become fully plant-based. I cooked food at home. I went outdoors to exercise instead of working out indoors. I started a blog to document the food I ate.  

I had a lot of time to reflect and through my reflection decided to listen to my body. I found out that my body worked best eating a plant-based, vegan diet. 

As I learned more about veganism, and about the meat and dairy industries, I started to feel really good about what I was doing. I made even more changes in how I lived my life and became a full-blown vegan.
In some ways, you have to be a pretty strong and determined person. People had a lot to say about my change, and many were not accepting. However, I feel like becoming a vegan has bettered my health, the environment, and my community. 

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