FEATURE: Lotta John


I was raised vegetarian, but for a long time I wasn't aware that veganism is the only way to stop exploiting animals (cognitive dissonance...).
Four years ago that thinking process started when my mom went vegan. 
Now three of my siblings, my grandma, and even my boyfriend are vegan.

Why am I vegan?

Yes, animals are cute...and of course I like animals. And sure, a vegan diet can be healthy (which in my opinion, doesn't have much to do with it being vegan). But more than those reasons, my motivation for not eating meat is to respect life without being speciesist. I think speciesism, racism, and sexism are all based on similar thoughts. 

With my Instagram page, I try to challenge stereotypes surrounding who black people/vegans/women are, and what they look like. 


I don't wear makeup, I have muscles, and I'm obviously not suffering from a lack of protein. I want to motivate people to go vegan without pushing anyone - I want them to just see me as an example. 

I wish for a world where we don't have to buy commodities based on human or animal suffering. 

Social Media

Instagram: @lotta_john