FEATURE: Pash Lowery and Kobe Stocking


Pash is 45 years young and she has been vegan for a year and a half. Kobe is her 15 year old son and he's been vegan for 8 months. 

Deciding to go vegan was one of the best decisions I ever made. I went vegan for my business, for health reasons, and of course, because of the constant cruelty to animals. We are animal lovers so I couldn’t justify just being vegetarian because that was still affecting animals in some way shape or form. Then we watched a documentary called “Earthlings” and that just sent us over the edge. Next, of course, we eventually watched “What the Health” and both of those documentaries confirmed for us that we wanted to completely live a veganistic lifestyle. My son got on board shortly after me, as he was previously vegetarian as well.

I am the founder of Poshology, which is a lifestyle brand and we currently have an all ethical vegan skincare and body care line. We don’t test on animals, we don’t use any vendors that test on animals, and we don’t and will not use any animal by-products in our line. As our brand continues to grow we will always keep our ethical standards. Like a lot of other vegans, we believe that humans were not meant to eat meat or consume any type of dairy. Both my son and I have noticed a major difference in our weight, skin, energy, and overall health since going vegan. I’m super impressed with my son sticking to this lifestyle as it is pretty hard for a 15 year old to maintain veganism. He goes grocery shopping with me and makes sure to check labels to ensure there are no sneaky animal products in them. 

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Pash's Personal Instagram: thepashone
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Kobe's Instagram: kobe58