FEATURE: Karen Moore


Thank you for allowing me to share a bit of my story with Black Vegans Rock!

In February of 2016 I got a bacterial infection that turned septic. I was hospitalized for 9 days and sent home with an infusion pump that administered antibiotics 24/7. As a result of becoming septic, my kidneys almost failed and my glucose levels shot through the roof. While in the hospital I had to have insulin throughout the day to try and control my blood sugar levels.

It took me more than a year to regain my strength and to start feeling somewhat normal again. Fast forward to April, 2017 I was still having issues with my blood sugar, edema, and neuropathy. During this time I made a life changing decision. I realized that in order for me to live and regain control of my life I had to do something drastic. I started doing research on how an alkaline plant based diet could be greatly beneficial. I started reading up and incorporating Dr. Sebi's methodologies into my regimen.

I began weaning myself off of sugar, pork and beef. Each time I ate beef my feet would swell enormously and I realized that the uratic acid was the culprit. I started eating more chicken, turkey and fish and incorporated more meatless meals into my diet. By the time June rolled around I was able to fully transition to a vegan lifestyle. I'm so blessed and excited because I am feeling so much better, the sensation is slowly returning to my feet and they no longer swell.

My diabetes is now under control and my blood sugar levels have returned to normal.

I was able to regain my life by making changes in how and what I ate. I currently spend my time reading and researching healthy living and how foods impact our bodies and overall health. Almost losing my life in 2016 has changed it for the better. I didn't understand why back then but I surely do now.

Prior to becoming ill, I was a Wedding and Special Events Planner for 18 years. I thought that this was the dream job. I honestly thought it was the be all-end all. But it pales in comparison to the love, joy, passion and excitement that I have for health and wellness.

I received my life coaching certification in 2012 and really wasn't sure how to use it or what to do with it until now. My desire is to help women take back their life and health. 

We all have to have a starting point so in August I created a closed group on Facebook called P.H.A.T (Pretty, Healthy and Transformed) Girls Thrive. To date, I have about 60 women in the group. We have a monthly call where I offer group coaching to everyone! It is a chance for them to share their success, their challenges and frustrations. I absolutely adore these women as they certain bring purpose and meaning to my life.

I created the group for women who are interested in taking back their life while re-gaining freedom and control of their health through transitioning and thriving on a low fat, whole foods, and alkaline plant based vegan diet.

My goal is to turn P.H.A.T Girls Thrive into a Health and Wellness company that empowers, teaches, and supports the health and wellness of women. In December of 2017 I was awarded a full scholarship to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition so I am now studying to be a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach

Over the years I have watched too many of my friends and family members pass away because of poor health. It is my heart’s desire to have the opportunity to help and empower other women. I love sharing my journey as it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to go back into the world and my community and pay it forward. I have found my calling, purpose and mission in life. I just celebrated my 8 month veganversary and I have never felt so alive and inspired to continue learning so that I can teach and pour into others. I truly now understand how health is your greatest wealth. I truly feel as if my life has just begun. The BEST is truly yet to come! :-)

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